3DToons Space and beyond free Bundle

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3DToons Space and beyond free Bundle
Download Links
Main Site:http://www.contentparadise.com/productDetails.aspx?id=15639
Other Information
Needed:either Chip or Cookie

3DToons Space and beyond free Bundle is a science-fiction prop, scene, and wardrobe bundle, created for Cookie and Chip by 3DToons.

According to the download page, the set includes:

  • morphing landscape
  • space lander with opening door
  • detailed seats
  • planet
  • space helmets
  • space explorer
  • 4 space tools
  • Matching materials and shaders
  • 3 camera positions
  • 3 lights sets
  • Poser & DS shaders for for Silverelf's Adventure clothing for Chip & Cookie
  • Poser & DS shaders and for Dorkati's GHD-Singles for Chip & Cookie