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This is a list of Cosplay resources.
The resources listed here are known to be patterned after celebrities, trademarked images, things from works of fiction, or a combination of these groups.
Poser and Daz Free Resources recommends using Cosplay resources only in non-commercial works.

Free resources for Aliens renders. Note that these should be used for non-commercial works only, unless you happen to be the copyright holder of Aliens.


Alien - Giger like
Alien Queen (bottom row, second from right)
Chestburster Yautja Hybrid for Poser
FREE Object - The Alien Egg
Original Giger Concept Chestburster
Original Giger Concept Facehugger


Aliens Floor Obj
The Aliens "Space Jockey" Cannon
Colonist Complex
Sulaco Hanger

Humans and Hi-Tech

Textures: or (last download).
Textures: or (3rd download).
Marines Rifle (by Dodger)
Sulaco or
Weapons Rack