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This is a list of animal figures that are not free, but have free resources. (Animal figures that are completely free are listed on this page.)


HiveWire Big Cat
HiveWire BigCat Pose : Loving: 1
HiveWire BigCat pose 3:
HiveWire BigCat pose 4:
Sanctum Arts Kitty Mass
robot cat comes with Poser
Superfly material for SA Kitty
Toonimal Kitty
Pink Toon Kitty Texture & Animal Fur Tutorial


Daz Dog 8
base I made for my renders
Collar for Daz Dog 8 or
Daz Dog 8 aniblocks or
dog 8 coat
inspired by the japanese Kai-Ken breed(loosely).
K9 SPACE Poses for Daz Dog 8 (Doberman) and K9 Space Cadet Outfit

HiveWire Big Dog
Anthro Beach and breakdance poses for HW Big Dog
Dog and cat (2 poses-standing)
Dog House for Hivewire Big Dog
Dog Stuff for the HivewireDog
Dog collar and Frisbee.
Dog Moves
K9 Colors

Millennium Dog LE
some things only work on the full Millennium Dog, for which you have to buy Millennium Dog LE AND Millennium Dog Starter Pack
Dog Poses
Fox MAT/MOR for the MilDog
Material and morph setting poses to turn the Millennium Dog (full, not LE) into a red fox
Millennium Dog aniblocks
DazStudio or
Mutt MATs
Ockham's Guidedog Harness upgrade to MilDog or Mil Guidedog Harness or
short fur
Look at my Hair
Look at my Hair


Other Animals

Cartoon Parrot for Daz Studio
Ivy's poses & aniblocks for 3DU Parrot
The Great Kraken
8 Poses for The Great Kraken or
Precious Clydesdale
Precious Clydesdale Skins
Precious Deer
Precious Deer Skins
Precious Dragon
Precious Dragon Skins
Precious Gryphon
Precious Gryphon Skins
Precious Lynx
Precious Lynx Skins
Precious Unicorn
Precious Unicorn Skins
Toon Cockroach - Bugsy and the Gang
Poses and AinBlocks for the 3DU Toon Cockroach or