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This is a list of animal figures that are not free, but have free resources. (Animal figures that are completely free are listed on this page.)


Toonimal Kitty
Pink Toon Kitty Texture & Animal Fur Tutorial
Siamese texture for Daz' Cartoon Kitty fourth from top


Note Millennium Dog resources are listed under Millennium Dog LE which is a free resource.

Pugsley the Stylized Pug
Toon Pug Pose 01
Toonimal Puppy
Dalmatian texture for Daz' cartoon puppy fifth from top


Other Animals

Adult Hatchling Dragon
Adult Hatchling Dragon Morphs
Cartoon Parrot for Daz Studio
Ivy's poses & aniblocks for 3DU Parrot
Black and white texture
Brown and white photorealistic texture
DAZ Dragon 3
NO ESCAPE Pose from the Dragon Arena for Daz Dragon 3 (DazStudio)
DAZ Lamb
THE GOOD SHEPHERD The Good Shepherd pose set, using M4, the DAZ Lamb, and free shepherd crook. Poser: Daz Studio:
SN Cowboys Poses This is actually one of my earlier pose sets that I ever made, but I finally decided to clean it up and release so that I can add it to my growing set of M/M poses. It includes 12 couples poses, some romantic, some not, and include poses for Horse 2, Western Saddle/reins, Daz Lamb, and Denver the calf. The calf is pretty awkward to pose. I hope you enjoy the fun.
The Great Kraken
8 Poses for The Great Kraken or
Millennium Gorilla
Gorilla texture first from top
Silverback texture second from top
Toon Cockroach - Bugsy and the Gang
Poses and AinBlocks for the 3DU Toon Cockroach or
Toonimal: Hatchling Phoenix
Purple Phoenix MAT Eighth from top