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Animated Shape Helmet
Animated Shape Helmet.png
Download Links
Main Site:https://6and6.deviantart.com/art/Animated-Shape-Helmet-546996923
Other Information
Creator:6and6/The Six
Needed:Genesis 2 Male
and(optionally) Animated Shapes for Genesis 2 Male(s)

Animated Shape Helmet is a free prop helmet by 6and6, aka The Six. It is designed for use with Animated Shapes for Genesis 2 Male(s) by the same creator, but includes a fit morph for the base Genesis 2 Male head shape. To use the helmet with the base G2M head, an ear hide or ears gone morph for G2M is recommended. The freebie also includes morphs to remove the horns, add bat ears, and cover more of the nose on either G2M or Animated Shapes for Genesis 2 Male(s), 10 color presets for the helmet and 2 shader presets.