Backpack Genesis 2 Females

Backpack for g2f is a rebuild of a real school backpack, created for Genesis 2 Female by Beat578.

Backpack for g2f
Beat578 G2 Backpack.jpg
Backpack Genesis 2 Females
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Other Information
License:Commercial renders OK, contents not for redistribution
Needed:Genesis 2 Female

The Prop comes in 2 versions:

- a parented prop
- a scene porop, that can be positioned anywhere in the scene.

There are morphs to open the backpack or to flatten it like lying on the floor. The inside is modeled as well and you can put stuff inside for realistic school scenes.

There are several Colouring options and the straps can be hidden, if you modelled your own straps or want to use the backpack in other ways.