Dennis is a toon male figure from 3D Universe. He is not free; one can purchase a copy at DAZ3D.

Dennis, rendered with Daz Studio 3's "cartoon" setting.
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Poses and ExpressionsEdit



Resources for Paid HairEdit

Hair RefitsEdit

As we create pages for these hairdos on this wiki, they will be listed in the sections above. Eventually this section will go away.

Hair FITs for Dennis
fits for Agent Hair, Alicia Afro, All Back Style, Anders Hair, Argus Hair, Boy Hair 02 (Nana), Boy Cut (Sam), Cherub Hair, Danyel Hair, Estio Curls, Jack Hair (Gumdrops), Leroy Hair (Gumdrops), Ricardi Hair, Rock Satr Hair, Sam Hair 1, Sam Hair 2, Share Hair Ichiro, and SkaterHair (second from top)


Archery Set (second row, left-hand column)
Dennis Launch Freebies
everything in "Dennis Props" plus a wooden sword  
Dennis Props
cape, toy sword, toy shield, slingshot, soccer ball, and tin-pan helmet  
Raft & Pirate Hat (second row, second from right)

Materials and ShadersEdit