Earane Outfit

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Earane Outfit
Aiko 3 wearing Earane
Download Links
Main Site:Earane Outfit non-free content
andEarane Unimesh Fits non-free content
Other Information
Creator:Bobbie25 , Xena
License:Daz Productions, Inc. End User License Agreement
Needed:Either Aiko 3 or Victoria 4

Earane Outfit is a (rather skimpy) outfit designed by Bobbie25 and Xena for Aiko 3 and Victoria 4. It is not free; one can purchase a copy from DAZ3D.

Free resources for Earane Outfit include:
Elementals - Vol. 1 Earth - For Earane
Elementals - Vol. 2 Fire - For Earane
Elementals - Vol. 3 Water - For Earane
Elementals - Vol. 4 Air - For Earane
GoldDragon for Earane
Textures for A3/V4/A4 Earane outfit from Daz
http://chohole.ovbi.org/page_15.htm (five downloads, search for "Earane")