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This list of free resources from Handspan Studios was compiled on 16 August 2015. It includes items hosted on the Handspan Studios website and at Renderosity.

Character Textures[edit]

Aubri Extras
Deep Sea Mermaid for Daz3d's Mermaid
Shelly for Loreli (bottom row, right column)
TW snow wings CR2 and Tex for Noelle

Hair Textures[edit]

MK2 hair textures OR (top row, middle column)

Wardrobe Textures[edit]

Moth 1 for Thorne's Universal Wings (bottom row, left column)
Moth 2 for Universal Wings (bottom row, middle column)
Tex for the Phil C ladies Wizard Robe
3 t-shirt tex for Mil.Girls clothing
TW snow wings CR2 and Tex for Noelle

Wardrobe Refits[edit]

Makes GG skirt and top fit Chandra
fits Gypsies & Genies to Chandra
Olympian size small for Noelle


Snowball Smart Prop and Pose for Cookie
"Won't work in DS."


Atmo Sphere 6 layers, for effects
for atmospheric effects
Snowball Smart Prop and Pose for Cookie
"Won't work in DS."



Carnac France, 12 Backgrounds OR (middle row, left column)

Seamless Tiles[edit]

9 samples of cloth texture tiles (top row, left column)
Art Nouveau Tile textures (top row, right column)
Cloth Textures Vol. 3 Sample OR (middle row, middle column)
Cloth Textures Volume 6 Sample OR (middle row, right column)