Freebies by Mirabilis

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This list of free items by Mirabilis was updated on February 11, 2016.


FluffyHair for V4, with the "Red" MAT applied


Michael 4Edit

Nail Extensions for M4/H4

Aiko 3Edit

Victoria 3Edit

Victoria 4Edit

Wardrobe TexturesEdit

Textures for Lenya for V4Edit

Lenya Collection 1 OR
Lenya Halloween OR
Lenya Xmas OR

Textures for Solar FluxEdit

Solar Flux Boots
Solar Flux GreenGold
Solar Flux SilverBlue
Solar Flux Xmas
Solar Flux XXmas

Textures for Other Paid WardrobeEdit

Elanor Xmas OR
Southern Dream for V4 A4 Collection 1 OR
Summer Flats Freebie


Elven Lamp prop OR

Textures for Paid PropsEdit

FlagsRed for Flags'n'More