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This list of free resources that were hosted on the now-defunct Aery Soul (a.k.a. "Awful Soul") website was compiled on November 14, 2015. Considering that the group no longer calls itself "Aery Soul" or "Awful Soul," and that these resources are available only through the Wayback Machine, this page is not likely to change.

Faces and MorphsEdit

Faces and Morphs for Stephanie Petite 3Edit

V3 custom faces 

Faces and Morphs for Victoria 3Edit

V3 custom faces 

Poses and ExpressionsEdit

Poses for Victoria 4Edit

Mon Cheri Sample 


Hair TexturesEdit

Fable Hair add-on colours
for Fable Hair, no longer available 


Wardrobe for Stephanie 1Edit

Wardrobe for Victoria 1-2Edit

Wardrobe for Victoria 3Edit

Wardrobe for Victoria 4Edit


Eve Rose and Jewel PROPS 
Heart & Star 
Rocket 50 
Soulbringer Staff 
Wooden Door props 

Textures, Materials and ShadersEdit

Alice DAZ Studio MATs by Lantios 


Big Rock basement/scenery 
Gothic Prison 3 
Gothic Prison 4 
GrungeWall by the Team Freebie  or
Hanyma scenery 
Skorpio Rising Scenery 
Wall & Chains 2 
Well Room 


Hanyma Promo Lights