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This list of free resources that were hosted on the now-defunct LYRainbow website was compiled on November 13, 2016. Considering that these resources are currently available only through the Wayback Machine, this page is not likely to change.


A Happy New Year 2005
bottle, cork, and glasses (bottom of page)
morphing Pillow (top of page)

Wardrobe for Aiko 3[edit]

Wardrobe for Miki[edit]

Boots for Miki (middle of page)
Top and Shorts for Miki (bottom of page)

Wardrobe for P6 Jessi[edit]

Wardrobe for Sara[edit]

Sara Earrings (second from bottom, right column)
Sara Necklace (second from bottom, left column)
Sara Ring
gold band with a single pearl (bottom of page, left column)
Sara Sandals (third from bottom, left column)
Sara Shorts (second from top, right column)
Jeanstextur for Shorts: (third from top, right column)
Sara Skirt (second from top, left column)
Jeanstextur for Skirt: (third from top, left column)
Sara Top 01 (top of page, left column)
Sara Top 02 (top of page, right column)
Sara Watch (bottom of page, right column)
Sara's FantasyTop Freebie (top of page)
Sara's Sexy Stuff (bottom of page)

Wardrobe for Victoria 3[edit]

Frya~Pants for Victoria 3 (fifth from top)
Frya~StringPants for Victoria 3 (fourth from bottom)
Frya~Top for Victoria 3 (fourth from top)
Hands ~ Free Addon for SnowDream (P5 only) (second from bottom)
a choker (second from top)

Free Textures for Unavailable Wardrobe for Victoria 3[edit]

Free Texture for Nightingale (third from bottom)
Free Texture #2 for Nightingale (third from top)
Free Texture for SnowDream (P5 only) (bottom of page)