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This list of free resources available at Ullis 3D-Welt was compiled on 3 September 2016. All downloads were created by Ulrich Hoffmann.

(Not Safe For Work - may contain full nudity or intercourse - if you are using a shared computer, do not follow this link!)The majority of these items are NSFW (not safe for work).

License: "All downloads are the property of Ulrich Hoffmann. They are free for private and/or commercial use for the rendering of pictures. You may not distribute them, in parts or as a whole, without the permission of the owner."


Morphs for Aiko 3Edit

Genital morphs, Pubic morphs und Nippel morphs for Aiko 3 LE

Morphs for G2 JessiEdit

Morphs for G2 MalesEdit

Morphs for G2 SydneyEdit

Morphs for Michael 3Edit

Package Deformer for M3

Morphs for MikiEdit

Breastmorph Set1 Injection (fourth from bottom)
full body morph (fifth from top)
Figure Injection
nine full body morphs (second from bottom)
Fuller-Breast-Injection (third from top)
Miki Bodymorphs
hip, thigh, and breast morphs (top of page)
Mons Injection (bottom of page)
Nipps small Injection (third from bottom)
Overweight-Injection (fourth from top)
Pregnancy Injection (second from top)

Morphs for Miki 3Edit

Morphs for Victoria 3Edit

Mrs. Bodybuilder

Morphs for Victoria 4Edit

Morph-Injection for the free Succubus Playsuit
the free Succubus Playsuit appears to be no longer available (top of page)
Simple genitals for Victoria 4 (bottom of page)


Syringe or A-Douche for Poser and D|S (top of page)
Vacuum Pump for Poser 4 - 6
for the anatomically-correct male figures (bottom of page)