Jam Hair

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Jam Hair
Aiko 3 with Jam Hair
Download Links
Main Site:No longer legally availablenon-free content
Other Information
Creator:outoftouch , SWAM
License:Standard End User License Agreement for Renderosity Marketplace Products
Needed:any of Aiko 3, Laura, Maddie, Millennium Baby 3, Miki, Stephanie Petite 3, or Victoria 3

Jam Hair is a short messy hairdo, created by SWAM and outoftouch for Aiko 3, Laura, Maddie, Millennium Baby 3, Miki, Stephanie Petite 3, and Victoria 3. It is no longer available, and was not free when it was available; one could purchase a copy from Renderosity.

Free resources for Jam Hair include:


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http://kctc.francemi.net/index.htm?http&&&kctc.francemi.net/chipcookie_03.htm (top of page)
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http://kctc.francemi.net/kgang_02.htm (top of page)
Hair FITs for NearMe
http://kctc.francemi.net/index.htm?http&&&kctc.francemi.net/otherpeople_02.htm (second from bottom)
Hair FITs for Toon Baby
http://kctc.francemi.net/index.htm?http&&&kctc.francemi.net/toonbaby_09.htm (top of page)
Koshini 2 65 Hair Fits
Vila Hair Fits
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