Koshini 2

Koshini 2 is a toon-style figure in Poser's included content. Koshini 2 is not free - this figure is included with Poser or can be bought separately at DAZ3D.

Koshini 2
Koshini 2 wearing clothing and hair from base zip
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Alien for Koshini 2 & Puppet 2

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Ballet Poses for Koshini
Koshini Expressions



Hair that fits Koshini 2, either natively or with a refit.

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Hair Fit PosesEdit

As hairdos get their own pages on this wiki, they will be listed in the appropriate sections above. Eventually, this section will go away.

Koshini 2 Cutie Pie Cap & Tuned In Fits
https://www.renderosity.com/mod/freestuff/?item_id=74280 OR http://tiggerspringsblog.blogspot.com/2014/08/2-days-only-70-off-kiki-revitalized-new.html
Koshini 2 65 Hair Fits
for 80's; A3 Beanie; Alkyone Hair; Aleaseya; Allura (V3); Amaltheia Hair; Amarseda Hair; Amaya; Angeline (V4); Aya (NO fit for Nya); BO Electra 2011; Beri (V4); Catherine; Chealsea (V4, Poser); Chic (V4, Poser); Curler; Dark Wolf (V4); Donna (V3); Elita Hair; Elleth; End of Summer (V4, Poser); Fingerwave Bob (V4, Poser); Fishtail Braids (V4, Poser); Galadrel (Renderosity version); Goth Tales (V4); Hawthron (V4, Poser); Jam Hair; Jana (V4); Kelly (Natu); Kiana; KittyNelle (V4); Louise Bob; Luna Fairy; Lynn; Lysithea; Marion; Melia Hair; Melite (V4); Morgana; Neomi; NightStar Hair for V4 and M4; Nymph; Oona (Renderosity version); Pirate Lolita; Pollyanna; Radiant Jaguar Hair; Rag Doll; Razored Moffitt; Riae Hair; Sasha; Sersee (Renderosty version); Sherri (V3); Short 'n Sporty (v3); Spiral Twin Tail; Stigian Princess; Sugar (V4); Summer (V4); Tears (V4, Poser); Teresa (V3); Wild Braids (V3); Vannesa Hair; Vayne Braid (Renderosity version); Wildcat Hair; Windswept (V4); and Witch Hat and Hair