Millennium Cat

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Millennium Cat
DAZ3D-Millennium Cat.png
Download Links
Main Site:No longer legally available
Second Site:No longer legally available
Third Site:No longer legally available
Other Information
License:Daz Productions, Inc. End User License Agreement

Millennium Cat is a housecat figure, available for purchase from DAZ3D. The figure does not come with textures (some textures are included in the bundle), and the LE figure does not have breed morphs.

Free resources for Millennium Cat include:



Kitten MOR Pose (Direct link to the download)
Milcat British Shorthair shape/morph
A shaping file for daz mil cat that needs to go in Daz studio, My library-presets-shaping folder. Based on a real cat. You can apply it to any of the cats. The black one looks good. If you want to tweak it you can
MilCat Manx Short tail Shape/Morph
A shaping file for daz mil cat that needs to go in Daz studio, My library-presets-shaping folder. You can apply it to any of the cats. Use for Manx and short tail cats. Loks good on the ginger and black and white cat .Doesn't have a inj remove. It's not perfect as it was extremely hard to do.



6 Cat textures
"Big Cat" Morphs and MATs for the Millennium Cat (bottom of page, six downloads)
Black And White Tex For Mil Cat
Black Cat for DazMill Cat (top row, right column) OR
Calico for mil cat
Catzeyez or
chocolate Burmese for mil cat
christmas kitty for mil cat and mil cat le
European Cat Texture (middle row, left column) OR
Fantasy And Red and White Kitty For Millennium Cat
Grey-Tiger Texture for DAZMill Cat (bottom row, middle column) OR
Halloween for Mil Cat
Kittehs For The DAZ Mill Cat
meat textures
my late calico
Millennium Cat LE Trio FIXED
Nickie Cat Map for the Millennium Cat
Pink Kitty texture for Mil Cat and wapico kitten
Red Tiger for DazMill Cat (middle row, middle column) OR
Siamese texture for mil cat and le
spotted cat
Stinky Texture for BigFaceCat
texture of my cat's coat for DAZ MilCat
ThaiCat for DAZMillCat (middle row, right column) OR
Three-Colored Cat for DazMillCat (bottom row, right column) OR
White Siamese Cat for DazMill Cat (bottom row, left column) OR


20 Expressions for MilCat + Eye Poses
Everyday MilCat Poses
for Millennium Cat, M3, and V3
Hissy Fits - For MilCat and Short Cat Furred
Millennium Cat pose sitting (1)
Odd Poses for MilCat UPDATED
Odd Cat poses II UPDATED
Odd Poses for MilCat III