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NearMe, in the clothing, the hair, and a pose from the base download
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Main Site:NearMe 1.1 non-free content
Other Information
Creator:eFrontier Japan

NearMe (sometimes spelled with a star: Near☆Me, にあ☆みい or Near*Me) is an anime-style pre-teen female figure by eFrontier Japan. She is not free; one can purchase a copy from eFrontier Japan.

Google Translate sometimes translates "にあ☆みい" as "Ayumi" instead of "NearMe".

Free resources for NearMe include:





Character Textures[edit]


Hair that fits NearMe, either as downloaded or with a refit.

Resources for Paid Hair[edit]

Hair Refits[edit]

As the hairdos listed here get pages on this wiki, they will be listed above. Eventually this section will go away.

Hair FITs for NearMe
fits for Alexa Hair, Ariadne Hair, Charli Hair, Clown Hair 1, Conner Hair, Frizzed Head, Jam Hair, KiriTe Alexa 2, Lady Hair, Lamore Hair, Loose Comb Hair, Miki Hair V3, Pixie Hair Phoebe, Punkette Hair (for Aeon Anna by Dodger), Radiant Jaguar Hair, Rasta Style, Sassy Hair 2.0, Short Bob (Dwarf Hair Kiki!), Slinky Hair, Sumire Hair, Sunvisor Hair V2, Sydney Hair, Wild Dreads, Yuiwata, and Yuna Hair (second from bottom)