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We have a draft Policy up for discussion. Poser and Daz Studio Free Resources Wiki:Policy

Why a Wiki?

Considering how many forums already have lists of free 3D-art content, why create a wiki?

  • Anyone can update the wiki - there's no need to wait for a list maintainer to act.
  • We can add images to the descriptions.
  • This wiki is not bound by the any one vendor's forum Terms of Service. We can list freebies that are hosted at all commercial sites.
  • Links that the DAZ3D forums break can be posted properly here. (This only matters for people who use the DAZ3D forums.)

Of course, there are some disadvantages to a wiki.

  • This is another place to visit. (This is only an issue for people who already read a particular forum to see what's new and free.)
  • Anyone can maliciously update the site. (However, an admin can fix that by rolling a page back to an old version.)
  • Somebody needs to run the wiki - but this doesn't have to be a single "somebody." The technical operation of this wiki is being handled by Orain.

What Should Be Presented Here

Almost anything that is legally free to download and use in your own 3D art may be listed here. (See "What Shouldn't Be Presented Here" for the exceptions.)

This includes free software, free figures, free figure or face morphs, free props, free full-body, face, or hand poses, free hairdos, free light sets, free cameras, free material and texture sets, and free scenes.

What Shouldn't Be Presented Here

While we want images of the free items, we can't use the "official" images of the freebies because of copyright laws. Please make new images for this wiki.[1]

While this wiki is not bound by any vendor's Terms of Service, it is bound by anti-obscenity laws. No nude renders and no listing of anything that sexualizes minors, please.

Paid models should only be listed if there are free resources that need the paid models.

If a resource cannot be used in Poser or Daz Studio (or with those programs, for free software), it shouldn't be listed here.

And this is a site for legally-free 3D resources. Links to "warez" sites and torrents are not welcome here.


  1. If you need an excuse to make a render, this is one.