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'''Free resources for SadieFae include:'''
'''Free resources for SadieFae include:'''
== Utilities ==
;Texture Templates
:http://www.daz3d.com/sadiefae ''(click on "Resource Files")''
== Textures and Shaders ==
== Textures and Shaders ==

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Download Links
Main Site:http://www.daz3d.com/sadiefae (paid)
Other Information
Creator:Mada, Thorne
License:DAZ3D EULA
Needed:Toon Girl Sadie

SadieFae is a morph, wardrobe, and hair set created by Mada and Thorne for Toon Girl Sadie. It is not free; one can purchase a copy from DAZ3D.

The morphs give Sadie pointed ears and a more pointed chin. The hair is a different version of the long hair included in Sadie's base package. The wardrobe includes a top, two shirts, panties, and a set of wings.

Free resources for SadieFae include:

Textures and Shaders

DS Shaders for Sadie Fae (Mada)
http://kctc.francemi.net//index.htm?http&&&kctc.francemi.net//sadiesam_02.htm (third from top)
Sadie Fae 2008
Sadie flower fairies
http://chohole.ovbi.org/page_12.htm (search for "Textures for Sadie Fae From Daz")
Textures for Sadie Fae by Mada
http://kctc.francemi.net//index.htm?http&&&kctc.francemi.net//sadiesam_04.htm (second from top)