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This is a list of scripts that are usable with (or during) the 3D-art creation process.



Border Overlay Pro (POSER)
BRING US TOGETHER (Limited Edition) Scripting Short for Daz Studio 4
The Bring Us Together script will consolidate (move) all of the figures and props selected in the Scene tab to one location. The Limited Edition version has no controls and works fast and easy to bring nodes all together. First select the node you want to be the focal point and then select all other nodes that need relocated and then run the script by double-clicking its icon.


Carousel ( Poser Only )
Create a 40 frame animation which rotates your figure 360 Degrees allowing you to see it from every side. or
Change image filter (updated)
Copy active PBM morphs for Poser
Tested with PoserPro 11 on MacOSX. Should work with PoserPro 2014 and Windows.
Copy Dynamic Strand Hair Parameters
Copy FBMs helper ("Copy Morphs From...") *updated*
Works from P10 -> P11
Copy List of FBMs
Works from P10 -> P11
Copy Paste Morphs Deltas *updated*


D3D Pythons
12 Free Poser Python Scripts
Daz3D Morphs Randomizer
Daz3d Pose Converter (Standalone)
Simple script that converts daz3D poses files from a model to another. Supported models are currently G1, G2, G3, G8. For now it comes as a Windows exe, I'll share source python code as soon as I'll have time to clean up the code^^
Daz3D Scene exporter (Standalone)
Exports any scene with all its assets into a new folder as if it was a standalone library. Allows you to share a scene between several PC without having to duplicate your whole lib.
Daz3d Studio Watermark Creator
Deprecated functions - FIXED
for Poser 11, returns former funtionalities. 1 script to turn the genitals on / off, 1 script to change the figure height
Dolly Camera Orbit
DSON Loader (by Dimension 3D)
This simple Python script allows you to load DSON files for DAZ Studio 4 and up in Poser without requiring Poser companion files. Of course, you still need to install the DSON importer for Poser from DAZ 3D.


easy DoF for Poser (Updated P11 & minor bug fix) or
Expression Master & Border Overlay (POSER)
EyeCam 3.0 - Scripted Update
Eyecam was born from the need to find a way to consistantly represent realistic eye movement for eyes pointing to a main render camera in DazSudio.
RAR download
ZIP download


Freazypose (prototype0.06)
A simple script for Poser 9(PP2012) upwards* to add the standard Ajax EasyPose style controls to any figure. (Yes, I've checked with Ajax, the originator of EasyPose and the creator of EasyPose Underground, and he's happy for me to release this as a freebie!)
Freazypose (prototype 0.10)
Changes since prototype 0.06. Tidied up a bit, changed my dial names to avoid clashing with existing Easypose, and changed the delta calculations to match the original Ajax EasyPose stuff (although the Spiral and S-Curve still seem slightly different from the original EP Tube)



HIDE and SHOW - Daz Script
This script allows you to hide and show items in the scene. It uses the Opacity channels to hide and item if shown, and show an item if hidden. Select one or more items in the Scene tab and double-click the script to execute. You can watch how it works on YouTube:
Hide My Parts
Poser A script to Show / Hide bodyparts on most figures or
HighlightFixer for Poser
This script walks through the materials present in the scene and checks each PoserSurface node to ensure that the values (not the colors) for Diffuse, Specular, Highlight, Ambient, Reflection and Refraction aren't too high. Some items I've used have their Highlight Size set to 100, where a more reasonable default is 1.0; I've also seen Ambient values set rather high by default. This is apparently an artifact of the OBJ export process; in these sorts of case the rendered image won't look very good. The script just checks values on those channels and, if they're higher than the threshold value (I set the limit at 9) sets them to 1, then prints out a listing of which channels were modified.


Image Info, script for poser
Image Lister (updated)
Image Locater
Poser Python Script or
Item Delete
Poser Python Script. Delete multiple Items from large scenes or
Item Hide
Poser Python Script. Hide Multiple Items in large scenes or
Item Selector
Poser Python Script. Since La Femme takes a lot of space in the "actors list" I wrote this to make it easier to find and select the items you want in your scene. or


Karina's "Batch Colour" Gadget (MR)
Python Script: Normalize Pose. --> What this script does: With "Easy Pose" dials such as "Arms Front-Back", "Arms Twist", "Torso Bend", "Legs Sitting" etc. etc. becoming more common in modern figures, it sometimes becomes necessary to convert a pose made with all those "Easy Pose" dials to a "normal pose": --> This would mean: Set all "Easy Pose" dials back to "0" and then pose all body parts to how they were BEFORE. Like this you get THE SAME body pose, but without any "Easy Pose" dials used. --> Now you can: - Either continue to refine the pose conventionally OR: - continue to refine the pose by using the (now zeroed) "Easy Pose" dials AGAIN, and "normalize" it ad infinitum with this script: just "rinse and repeat!"


List Custom PBMs (for biscuits)


Make Prop 2-Manifold
DazStudio. mcjTransExpress was created to transfer expression animations from Genesis 1 to Genmesis 2,3,4 but it should also let you transfer between any Genesis figures
MDD Importer for DAZ Studio 4.6
Mirror Eyes for poser
Mirror My Pose (POSER)
A POSER mirror script which works with weightmapped characters and has been tested on various characters, Dawn, Dusk, V4, M4, Roxie, Rex and Star. It has NOT been tested on anything Genesis. There is a minor issue with eyes on the hivewire characters if you use the CTRL morphs to pose them, but it works fine if you set the poses using the actual dials. or


Next camera/previous camera script
DazStudio. Scripts with icons to step through the scene's cameras, forwards or backwards.


OptionScript ( for Kalypso )


  • PowerPose (Allows pinning of any bone, and then move all bones between the bone that is pinned and the bone that is dragged, including the figure’s root bone in DAZ Studio)
  • PoserScript:Head Morph Eraser (removes head morph without changing pose; also works in Daz Studio)
Poser - a toon outlines render preset for Firefly
This is a toon outlines render preset for Firefly renders in Poser 11. A Firefly render, made using this preset, will give you all the geometric edge outlines in your scene and nothing else. By placing such a layer under your Comic Books Preview inks layer, you can quickly see which lines the Comic Book Preview inking missed out. Installation instructions are in the readme.
Poser - Export Poser Cameras and Lights
Poser Only - Random pose script
Poser PathFinder
A small script to open fundamental poser locations
Poser Python: Hide and Lock actor(s)/figure(s)
Poser Python-Morph&FBM_Pose
saves dial-spun characters as pose files
Poser Python Remove AO Script
Poser - script to pick colour and assign to ToonID
PoserPython Vol I
set of 8 scripts
PP2 Exporter v2.1a for Daz Studio, OBJ Model to Poser Prop
The easiest automated way to convert OBJ format models into PP2 format Poser props using Daz Studio 4.10 or higher.
A binary sorted list, much like a sorted list. Elements can be added with append() or extend() and the list stays sorted. IndexedList(data_array, elementclass, cmp, sorted, no_dups)


ReplaceTexture V1
Render in Background
Poser or
Reset Figure
Poser or


Save Actor Objects
Scale And Drop To Floor (Updated)
Search and select surfaces in DAZ Studio
Set shadows to Raytrace
Sun-Sky Time for Iray
Swap Preferred Scenes
Poser 11
Switch off emissive lights
Richard Haseltine, DazStudio


TDMT Morph Transfer
"TDMT is a PoserPython script set which allows transfer of morphs between actors with incompatible geometries."
TerrainMaker script
This Python script uses the built-in Python Image Library (PIL) and geometry-creation methods in Poser 9 or later (P9, Pro 2012, P10, Pro 2014, P11) to read an image map in PNG or BMP format and, based on the grayscale values of that map, build a polygon mesh with the lighter pixels being raised and the darker ones being lowered from the average. A plain black or white map would of course be flat, but a grayscale image with features painted on will generate a three-dimensional 64x64 mesh within your Poser scene that can be used for a landscape (or saved to the Props library, exported for use in other applications, etc.)
Python script. Tidy your material room nodes
Toggle Cameras With ONE Click!
Python Script
Toggle IDL / SSS Poser Python Script
Toggle IK Pack
Toggle Light Emitter Script


XLC - eXtended Light Control for Poser 8 / Pro 2010


Zero Dials
Python. A utility to list the contents of zip files or