Woodstock for Sadie

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Woodstock for Sadie
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Main Site:no longer legally available
Other Information
Needed:Toon Girl Sadie

Woodstock for Sadie is a complete outfit for Toon Girl Sadie. It used to be a commercial product at Renderosity, but is no longer legally available.

It consists of:

  • 1 Conforming Belt
  • 1 Conforming BellBottoms
  • 1 Conforming Choker
  • 1 Conforming Sandal Left
  • 1 Conforming Sandal Right
  • 1 Conforming Top
  • 1 Pair of Peace Sign Earrings Smart Propped Left and Right
  • 4 Textures for Each Piece
  • 4 Hair Ribbon Textures for Sadie's Long Hair ( Ribbon only, no hair texture is included )

Free resources still available for for Woodstock for Sadie include:

Retro WoodStock Sadie
Textures for Woodstock outfit for Sadie From Renderosity
http://chohole.ovbi.org/page_12.htm (search for " Woodstock")