1776 Polonaise Dress

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1776 Polonaise Dress

Textures for dress are from Chohole Textures pack listed under Resources
Download Links
Main Site:Wayback Machine (Direct link to the download)
Other Information
Creator:Serge Marck
License:no license included in download
Needed:P4 Woman

1776 Polonaise Dress is a conforming 18th century dress and jacket (polonaise), created for P4 Woman by Serge Marck.

Note: As of 3/27/2022 you could still extract the executable files using Windows 10. You will have to use escape when the box for finding files comes up. Hit the enter button and the executable will continue on. Agree to the licensing terms and the install will be completed.

Free resources for 1776 Polonaise Dress include:
Chohole Textures pack for 1776 Polonaise Dress (P4 woman)
https://web.archive.org/web/20020128013804/http://www.poserfashion.net:80/files/textures/poldress/choholepoltex.exe(Direct link to the download)