20-Page Poseable Book

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20-Page Poseable Book
20 Page Poseable Book. Image by Surochek
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Other Information
Creator:Jim Farris (Xaa)
License:Commercial & Personal Use

20-Page Poseable Book is a hardcover-book figure by Jim Farris. It is distinctive in that each page of the book is a separate boned group with its own material assignments, and thus the book can be opened to any page, posed in any position, and given individual text and images for each page.

The base download for the 20-Page Poseable Book comes with two sets of textures: a "Steampunk Engineer's Handbook" detailing real-world steam power physics, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's "A Scandal in Bohemia" with the original Sydney Paget artwork.

Night Before Christmas for the 20-Page Book corrects some poses in the original download, and adds morphs to make the book into a picture book. It also includes a new texture: "The Night Before Christmas" by Clement C. Moore, with the original Jessie Willcox Smith artwork.

Free resources for 20-Page Poseable Book include:


Adventuring Mage's Spellbook for the 20-Page Book
complete (or perhaps incomplete) with holes in some pages and one page missing altogether
Gold Medal Flour Cookbook for the 20-Page Book
an edited and abridged version of the 1910 cookbook of the same name
Little People of the Snow for the 20-Page Book
the story by William Cullen Bryant, with the original Alfred Fredricks illustrations
Mother Goose for the 20-Page Book
nursery rhymes, with artwork by Arthur Rackham
Red Headed League for the 20-page Book
the story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, with the original Sydney Paget artwork


for Hein, 1920 Porch swing (updated 10/09), and 20-Page Poseable Book