21 More Aiko3 Head Morphs

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21 More Aiko3 Head Morphs
Download Links
Main Site:http://www.freewebs.com/mapps/downloads8.htm (eighth from top)
Other Information
License:"These morphs were made by me (using magnets) and may be used in anyway you like including putting them into a market project, but not a market project that revolves around selling these morphs. In otherwords feel free to make custom characters using these morphs and then include them with a market project as-long-as the project includes other things such as textures or cloths. The morphs may not be the main focus of the product."
Needed:Aiko 3

21 More Aiko3 Head Morphs is a set of 21 morphs - 17 utility morphs and four faces - created by Mapps for Aiko 3.