3D Universe's Toon Baby

3D Universe's Toon Baby is a toon infant figure, created by 3D Universe. It is not free; one can purchase a copy at DAZ3D.

3D Universe's Toon Baby
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Main Site:https://www.daz3d.com/3d-universe-s-toon-baby non-free content
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Creator:3D Universe
License:Daz Productions, Inc. End User License Agreement

Free resources for 3D Universe's Toon Baby include:

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Utilities Edit

Hair Edit

Resources for Paid Hair Edit

Hair Refits Edit

As individual pages are made for these hairdos, they will be listed above. Eventually this section will go away.

Hair FITs for Toon Baby
Refits for Alanis Hair, Alexa Hair, Alicia Afro (Full), All Back Style, Alysadae Hair, Anrhea Hair, Bang Cut MM, Beret Short Hair, Berry Hair, Bun Hair Phoebe, Casual Bob Cut, Cherub Hair, Clown Hair 1, Clown Hair 2, Clown Hair 6, Cool Coils Girl, Divine Braids V3, Egyptian Wig M3 (from Pharaohs of the Sun for M3), Estio Curls, Faun Fae Hair, Frizzed Head, GAB (Femme) Hair, Geisha-Hair for V4, Gel Hair, GS Hair, HR-009-R2, HR-023, HR-025, Ishoka Style, Jam Hair, Josei Hair, KiriTe Alexa 2, Lamore Hair, Lucrezia Locks Male, Nyoko Pigtail Hair, Petite Fleur Hair, Pixie Hair Phoebe, Punkette Hair (for Aeon Anna by Dodger), Real Gal Hair (for Neftoon Gal), Rievel Hair, Roll Hair 2, Rouven Hair, Shimada Hair, Short Bob (Dwarf Hair Kiki!), Sumire hair for Aiko3, Sunvisor Hair V2, Sydney Hair, Troll Droll Hair Model & Textures, Viking Hair V2, and WedgeCut Hair 2.0 M3
http://kctc.francemi.net/index.htm?http&&&kctc.francemi.net/toonbaby_09.htm (top of page)

Poses and Expressions Edit

Props Edit

A box and morphing spring; includes Angel and Clown outfits based on Dainty Dress
http://trumarcar.francemi.net/toons_tc.htm (search for "Baby-In-The-Box")
TB Artist
outfit, easel, paintbrush and palette
http://trumarcar.francemi.net/toons_tc.htm (search for "artist")
Weightlifting Set
http://kctc.francemi.net/index.htm?http&&&kctc.francemi.net/toonbaby_01.htm (third from top)

Textures, Materials, and Shaders Edit

20 eye textures
http://kctc.francemi.net/index.htm?http&&&kctc.francemi.net/toonbaby_02.htm (second from bottom)
Baby Frost
http://kctc.francemi.net/index.htm?http&&&kctc.francemi.net/toonbaby_05.htm (top of page)
Fantasy for Toon Baby
http://kctc.francemi.net/index.htm?http&&&kctc.francemi.net/toonbaby_10.htm (top of page)
RA ToonBaby Skin
Skin Tones for Toon Baby
http://kctc.francemi.net/index.htm?http&&&kctc.francemi.net/toonbaby_09.htm (second from bottom)
Textures for Baby and Grow
http://kctc.francemi.net/index.htm?http&&&kctc.francemi.net/toonbaby_02.htm (third from top)