A3 Indian Dress

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A3 Indian Dress
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Main Site:https://web.archive.org/web/20070127020240/http://www.mcdlabs.com/3Dmodels/FREE_MODELS/Files/MCD_FREE_NOV06.zip (Direct link to the download)
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License:"All of the models/texture maps/images available on this site may be used royalty-free in your own work. If any of the models/texture maps/images available by MCDesignLabs are to be used commercially,you must give proper credit to MerText Creative Design in the commercial product."
Needed:Aiko 3

A3 Indian Dress is a stereotypical "indian maiden" outfit, created for Aiko 3 by MCDesignLabs.

The wardrobe includes a sleeveless strapless minidress, a pair of moccasins, armbands, legbands, a headband, and a white feather.