A3 Sailor Suit

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A3 Sailor Suit
Download Links
Main Site:http://www.wrytersfyre.com/cosplaycloset.html#moonstruck (top row, left column)
Second Site:https://rebehm.deviantart.com/art/Sailor-Senshi-Suit-254292763
Other Information
License:"Please don't use any of these gifts commercially in any way"
Needed:Aiko 3

A3 Sailor Suit is a cosplay uniform, designed to be used with Senshi Accessories to make Aiko 3 look like a Sailor Senshi from Sailor Moon. The outfit was modeled by rebehm.

The wardrobe includes a leotard, a skirt, a collar, a pair of gloves, bows, a brooch, and various MATs.