A_'s James Underwear to Daz's Michael 4

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A_'s James Underwear to Daz's Michael 4
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Main Site:https://web.archive.org/web/20161027203212/http://www.anat.creativedreamers.com/freestuff.htm (second row, left column)
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Creator:Anat Dayag
License:"By using this downloaded file, User agrees to abide by the following conditions of this agreement: The contents in this package remain the property of Anat Dayag (a.k.a A_). At no time are these works to be re-distributed or sold without written notification from the copyright holder. The user also understands and agrees to release the creator from any liability for damage or harm that may arise from the use of these files."
andMichael 4
andunderwear designed for G2 James

A_'s James Underwear to Daz's Michael 4 is a fit morph, created by Anat Dayag to let Michael 4 wear underwear designed for G2 James.