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Sumire hair for Aiko3, by Yamato

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Note: There may be more hairstyles for Aiko 3 listed on the main Hair pages.


Aiko3 Medusa Cosplay
Cosplay Rider Medusa's outfit from Fate/Stay Night and Fate/Grand Order. includes hair



Krazy Kurlzs (second from top)
Mix & match toon hair


Short-tailed Chibi Usa hair add-on for Sailor Moon Hair Pack 1


Usagi & Usa
Cosplay: Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi-Moon from Sailor Moon

Stranded Hair[edit]

This type of hair is usable in Poser, but not in Daz Studio.

Hair Refits[edit]

Free hairdos with pages on this wiki and free refits for A3 are listed above. Paid hairdos with pages here and free refits for A3 are listed below. Eventually, this section will go away. Eventually.

Pneuma's Hair Fits Volume 1
Fits All Back Style, Beret Long Hair Hair, Beret Short Hair, EF Bun Jessi Hair, EF Chipped Bob Jessi Hair, EF Drawn Back James Hair, EF Light Edge Bob Jessi Hair, EF Parted Side Jessi Hair, EF Pony Tail Jessi Hair, EF Short Spike James Hair, Flip Hair Hair, Geisha-Hair for V4, GS Fringe (GG), GS Hair 1 (GG), GS Hair 2 (GG), GS Skullcap (GG), Koz's Pony Tail Hair, Koz's UpDo Hair, Kurt Hair, M3 Samurai Hair, Messy Hair, Mihai Hair, Natural Curls, Paris Hair, Ponytail Hair for Poser 4 Female, Short Hair, and Sapphire Fox Hair to Aiko 3 and Hiro 3
Daz Studio:
Pneuma's Hair Fits Volume 2 PZ2
Fits Arizona Hair, California Hair, Charlotta-Hair, Flexy Hair, Jason Hair, Koz's Long Hair, Kyoko Hair MK-3, Long Hair Evolution, Maria Hair, Slick Hair, Strike Long Hair, Teresa Hair, UCP SP Hair, and V14 Ashley Hair (long and short) to Aiko 3 and Hiro 3
Pneuma's Hair Fits Volume 3 PZ2
Fits Studio Maya's Anime Flip, Bob Hair, Bandanna & Hair, Casquette, Cecile Cut, Flip Style Hair, Honey Set, Rasta Style, Robin Hair, Roll Hair, Roll Hair 2, ShortCut Hair, Simple Hair, Twin Chignon, TWINTAIL Hair, Western hat and Hair, Wild Tail Hair and Yuna Hair to Aiko 3 and Hiro 3

Resources for Paid Hair[edit]