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AliceSet for Decoco 1.01
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AliceSet is a complete outfit for Decoco. It is a blend of the Tenniel and Disney styles of Alice's outfit from Alice in Wonderland, which makes this a cosplay outfit unless it has a different texture applied to it.

The set includes a dress, shoes, hair, hair bow, and (because they show up in some Japanese illustrations) cat ears.

Free resources for AliceSet include:


Christmas MATs for Alice Set (bottom of page)
Dorothy Dress for Decoco
Cosplay: Dorthy Gale from the Wizard of Oz movie
Karya the Little Witch (bottom of page)
Lil' Bit Goth for Decoco Dress Set
Textures for Alice Set
five different sets: Textures for Alice Set, Snowflake Dark 1, Snowflake Dark 2, Snowflake Pastel 1, and Snowflake Pastel 2
textures for the Alicedress for Decoco