Amanda Hair (Littlefox and Capsces)

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Amanda Hair

Terai Yuki 2, babyface for TY2, wearing Am BabyT with Denim and Lace for BabyT by Evil Innocence textures and Amanda Hair (Littlefox and Capsces)
Download Links
Main Site:Amanda Hair Bundle - All + 3 Bonusnon-free content
Second Site:Amanda Hair Vol I - A3, V3, V4non-free content
andAmanda Hair Vol III - K2, Krystal, ChibiBelnon-free content
Other Information
Creator:Lady Littlefox , Capsces Digital Ink
License:Daz Productions, Inc. End User License Agreement
Needed:any of Aiko 3, AnimeDoll, Ball Joint Doll, ChibiBel, G2 Jessi, G2 Sydney, Koshini 2, Krystal, Laura, Maddie, MayaDoll, Miki, P6 Jessi, Terai Yuki 2, Victoria 3, or Victoria 4
This page is about the paid hairdo by Lady Littlefox and Capsces Digital Ink, not the free hairdo by Mylochka.

Amanda Hair is an off-center-parted long hairstyle, created by Lady Littlefox and Capsces Digital Ink for these figures:

The versions for G2 Jessi, G2 Sydney, P6 Jessi, MayaDoll and AnimeDoll, Miki, and TY2 are only available in the bundle.

The hair comes with eight MATs.