Ancient and Medieval weaponry

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Ancient and Medieval weaponry, and similar modern weaponry that doesn't use propellants.



APM Tomahawk
Axe 01 DAZ Studio 4 Prop UPDATED
axe and shield set for dazstudio iray
Axe for Barbarian Daz Studio Format Untextured
Free Axe prop (PBR - 2015)
General miscellanous prop files
DazStudio, OBJ. A collection of DAZ3D 4.11 IRAY files. Four pendants (no chain), two structural columns, a trivit, a toy cannon, and a battle axe. No special shaders required, should work for anyone. No sure about older versions of DAZ3D Studio. I've included obj files for those that need them.
Misc items
Six misc items for DAZ studio, a posing wall, a curved curtain backdrop, a funky ceiling light, a display dome, a pendant, and a viking axe. Also are obj files if you don't use DAZ or IRAY and wish to import the into your own program.
Mock's Bone Ax
Orcish Axe
Vikings/Dwarves Axe & Shield
The Woodsman M4 outfit
Pack contains: The Woodsman outfit (cr2 format); Belt, Bracers, Boots, Jerkin, Shirt, Trousers. The Woodsman props (pp2 format); 19 assorted woodsman type props. Texture options (pz2 format); 62 MAT poses for the outfit, comprised of - Belt(8 textures) - Bracers(6 textures) - Boots(11 textures) - Jerkin(17 textures) - Shirt(8 textures) - Trousers(12 textures). Poses for Michael4 (pz2 format); 6 basic poses for Michael4, interacting with the axes

Daggers and Knives[edit]

3D Dagger
Assassin Outfit G8F Additional Blades Add-on
Beskad and Kal Dagger
Cosplay. A Mandalorian short sword and a dagger. DazStudio
Dagger 2
Cosplay Dagger 2 is inspired by the Skyrim universe, is in low poly, all UVW mapped, contains all normal, textures, speculars maps. Perfect for medieval scenes or to complete your medieval collection !!
The Dawnfire Scimitar of Sarenrae
Cosplay This is a DS Prop weapon inspired from the Pathfinder RPG.
DazStudio. The sai have three unique hand grip presets and come set up for G8f, G8m, G3f, G3m, G2f, and G2m or or
ECH_Jeweled_Sai - Update and Addon or ECH_Jeweled_Sai 1.2
DazStudio. The second and final add-on for the ECH_Jeweled_Sai freebie is now available! Fire, Earth, and Darkness. Overwite all previous files if you've installed the first version. I will leave that version active for a few weeks at least, and will then remove it. It is recommended to remove any previous version you may have downloaded and install this more complete set cleanly. Numerous fixes have been applied to presets, and old as well as new textures have been optimized to reduce wasted file storage. or or
free knife obj
Gurkha Khukuri Prop for Poser - Updated
Ivory Stinger
Cosplay: Skyrim
Medieval Dagger and Scabbard
Daz Studio or
Mirror Universe Dagger
Cosplay: Star Trek
Mock's knife and Cleaver
Primitive Weapons - Part 2
Shark Knife Set for Genesis 8 Female - DAZ Studio
Summoner's Flying-Blade
Switch Blade
Daz Studio or
Tree and Knife set for daz Iray

Throwing Knives[edit]

Including shuriken

Giant Throwing Star - SW - DS version or
Giant Throwing Star - SW - Obj version
Low Poly Throwing Dagger
Mock's Shuriken
Throwing Knife

Scythes and Sickles[edit]


2 Handed Sword
2nd UPDATE Atrion's two-handed Sword
a93 - Zorro Sword Prop G8F-G8M
This is a prop sword inspired by the legendary Zorro's sword! Included are wearable presets and left/right-hand poses for G8F and G8M, but as it is a prop you can use it standalone or with any other character. Iray materials.
barbossas rapier.......For Dazstudio Iray
black sword
Butterfly Sword
Chinese Hooksword
Conan's Fathers Sword
double hand sword
Elfwine Special
Fantasy Sword
leaf-shaped sword, by JR
Free Sword for Dazstudio Iray
General Sword
gold-amazone-set for daz studio iray
sword, sword in sheath, helmet with wings different morph settings, shield, different poses
Ancient Egyptian sword
The king's defender
Macuahuitl / Aztec sword
Magic Sword
Moon Sword for Genesis
DazStudio. This is a model of an actual sword I personally own, and its scabbard. The sword is smart parented to the scabbard, left, or right hands, and the scabbard can be parented to the back or hips for left or right handed drawing.
Norse Sword
smartpropped to V4
OBJ and other formats
Reverse Cog Sword
Roman Sword "Gladius"
Shotel (obj)
Sword Weapon for Daz Studio
Toon-Sword for Daz studio Iray or
morphing sword with a fleur-de-lys guard
The Widomaker


This is a separate section because so many people think Katanas Are Just Better and Every Japanese Sword Is a Katana

Futeinokatana (‘Variable’ sword)
Futeinokatana Add-on No. 1
Katanakake (Japanese sword stand)
Tachikake (Japanese tachi stand)
Teiregubako (Japanese sword maintenance kit)
separate downloads
Kitbash Katana
Samurai Katana Sword for Daz Studio or


DAZ Studio:
DazStudio. A spiked club styled after a Japanese Tetsubo. Modeled in Blender, Iray and 3DL versions included.

Flails and Nunchaku[edit]

Spiked Flail for Genesis 2, 3, & 8, Male & Female
Daz Studio
Two-Headed Flail Prop for DAZ Studio
Daz Studio


Summoner's Warhammer
Thors Hammer
Cosplay: Marvel Comics
Warhammer prop which comes in Blender and obj formats.Baked uv texture maps included.


OBJ format (fifth row from top, second column from left)
Mace 2
OBJ format (fifth row from top, second column from right)
Mace and corner prop
Corner and mace obj models with baked texture map included.Modeled in Blender and tested in Poser and Daz.
Morphing Mace

Bows and arrows[edit]

See Sports/Archery#Poses for realistic and cinematic poses to use with many of these bows.

Arrow Broadhead
DazStudio, OBJ
Bow and Arrow
Daz Studio 4.5+ only OR
bow, arrow and quiver
Daz Studio or
Bow & Bandoleer for Dragon Rider Outfit
Conforming Bandoleer figure (morphed for V4++, elite, S4, A4 and Girl4), with pose able Quiver and Arrow smart prop. Pose able smart prop for Bow and Arrow. One shader set with textures (2048x2048) for figure and props.
Fantasy Bow and Arrow
FG Bow Set
FG Bow Expansion 1 - GN, V4, M4:
Free Cupid Props
Bow and Arrow Props fourth from bottom
Hunter for M4 bundle
A set of pose for Michael 4 from DAZ, and as bonus a spear and a bow smartpropped

SciFi Battlebow - M4 Smartprop
Short ReCurved Bow 01
Summoner's Guild Weapons
Summoner's Morphing Elves-Bow ( Fan Art )
Tribal Bow (UPDATED)
Tribal Bow Expansion 1 V4, Gn:


M4 Polearm Pack 01
Simple Pike
can be morphed into a spear


3x Rounded Shields
axe and shield set for dazstudio iray
Shield for The Complete Barbarian
Legend Of Zelda - Ocarina Of Time Deku Shield {.obj file}
Old Faithful
Shield model in obj format.Modeled in Blender and comes with two baked texture maps.Use the one you like best.Tested in Poser and Daz.
Patriotic Shield
Daz Studio only; Cosplay Captain America or
Shield Generator MK2
Shield of duser
World Of Warcraft - Alliance Shield For Daz
Cosplay or or


Poser, Slingshot
Sling Shot last on page
Sling Staff (Hoopak)
Cosplay: D&D


EpicSpear 01
Free Spear For Genesis 2 Male
Hunter for M4 bundle
A set of pose for Michael 4 from DAZ, and as bonus a spear and a bow smartpropped

Primitive Weapons - Part 1
Spears and Flints


Boomerang for Poser
Dungeon Bullwhip
un autre trident