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Pet care props can add realism to any scene involving animals. If finding the right props for your renders feels as challenging as herding cats, check out this list of animal-care freebies for Poser and Daz Studio to see what might work for your scene.


Animal house
DazStudio or
panier pour transport des chats
DazStudio. Pet carrier, Cat Carrier
A Small Pet Carrier for DAZ Studio

Dog supplies[edit]

Cat supplies[edit]

Cat bowl / gamelle
Cat Food Bowl
Cat Toys or
Cat Tree
DazStudio only
Gruntfuttock Presents "Khai's Cat Care Kit"
Poser, Cat Carrier/Pet Carrier, Litter Pan, Scoop, Food Bowl, Scratching Post
5 Colors, Blue, Green, Grey, Red, Tan
Kitty Litter with free catnip mouse
A tub of kitty litter, handle rotates, lid comes off, sand inside.
Morphing Pillow and Bracelet for the HiveWire 3D House Cat or
Panier à chat / Cat basket

Small Animals[edit]

Horses and Farm Animals[edit]

Bale of Hay - 100% FREE