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This is a list of animal figures that are not free, but have free resources. (Animal figures that are completely free are listed on this page.)


Toonimal Kitty
Pink Toon Kitty Texture & Animal Fur Tutorial
Siamese texture for Daz' Cartoon Kitty fourth from top


Note Millennium Dog resources are listed under Millennium Dog LE which is a free resource.

Pugsley the Stylized Pug
Toon Pug Pose 01
Toonimal Puppy
Dalmatian texture for Daz' cartoon puppy fifth from top


Other Animals[edit]

Adult Hatchling Dragon
Adult Hatchling Dragon Morphs
Cartoon Parrot for Daz Studio
Ivy's poses & aniblocks for 3DU Parrot
Black and white texture
Brown and white photorealistic texture
DAZ Dragon 3
Flying animation for Daz Dragon 3 and 3d Universe Mythical dragon
NO ESCAPE Pose from the Dragon Arena for Daz Dragon 3 (DazStudio)
VIGILANT ATTACK Poses, Rooftop Takeoff DD3 and Gatehouse DS
DAZ Lamb
THE GOOD SHEPHERD The Good Shepherd pose set, using M4, the DAZ Lamb, and free shepherd crook. Poser: Daz Studio:
SN Cowboys Poses This is actually one of my earlier pose sets that I ever made, but I finally decided to clean it up and release so that I can add it to my growing set of M/M poses. It includes 12 couples poses, some romantic, some not, and include poses for Horse 2, Western Saddle/reins, Daz Lamb, and Denver the calf. The calf is pretty awkward to pose. I hope you enjoy the fun.
Fury The Piglet
Fury the Piglet Poses
Piggy on Fruit
Sleepy Piggy
Slot Mask for Fury - to make a Piggy Bank
The Great Kraken
8 Poses for The Great Kraken or
Millennium Gorilla
Gorilla texture first from top
Silverback texture second from top
Pounce the Puma - Plushies 2.0
Pounce the Puma, with the first pose and one of the expressions from Pommerlis' Pounce Poses Vol. 1
Pounce Poses Vol. 1 second from top
Pounce the Puma Goes Sledding Again
Pounce Plays the Drum Pose 1 uses Pounce and Rama Drums
Pounce the Puma Reads a Book (1)
Pounce Rides a Scooter Pose 2
Pounce Tries a Scooter Pose 1
Pounce the Puma tries Sledding Pose
Toon Cockroach - Bugsy and the Gang
Poses and AinBlocks for the 3DU Toon Cockroach or
Toonimal: Hatchling Phoenix
Purple Phoenix MAT Eighth from top