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Women's Maritime Self-Defense Force uniforms, on Kururu.

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Free resources based on (or inspired by) modern or historical Japanese items seen in various anime, manga, and J-games.


Buddhist temple
The Buzzsaw
Buzzsaw alien ship
Daruma Doll
the default texture has both eyes painted in
Japanese big sentou
public bath
Japanese Rice Cracker stand
School building
Wara Ningyou
公衆電話(Japanese public phone box)
学校の机と椅子(Japanese School Props)


Tessen, Japanese war fan


Train Cabin II For Poser
School Rooftop For Poser
School Things
Simple Japanese HightSchoolClassroom
Poser 9+ only
Train Cabin For Poser
partial subway car
Train Cabin II For Poser
partial subway car
Typical Japanese Pool


Kimono and Yukata[edit]

School Uniforms[edit]

"School Uniform" Kireta Clothing Set5 (M4)
Sports Bag (M4 School Uniform)

School Gym Uniforms[edit]

School Swimsuits[edit]

SchoolSwimWear for MD (near bottom of page)

Other Wardrobe[edit]

Matsuri Set for G2F

Morphs and Related Items[edit]

Anime Ears
"anime elf ears" for MayaDoll (bottom of page)