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This is a themed paged for classic anime style hair. This type of hair would not typically have transparency, as seen in Saber hair pictured to the right.

Gallery - Free only[edit]

A gallery of Anime Hair. It is not all inclusive. It contains those items that are/were free and that have a page and image associated with them.

Tabulation of Anime Hair Pages - Free and Paid[edit]

List of identified Anime Hairs which currently do not have pages[edit]


Anime hair Set 1 or
Anime hair Set 2 or
Anime / Manga style hair Prop
Anime-style Delinquent Hair
Anko Clothing Set 1 (nsfw)
Anko Clothing Set 2 (nsfw)


fantasy anime haircut 1,5 for G3M
fantasy anime haircut 2,5 for G3M
fantasy anime haircut 3,5 for G3M


Mohican hair (nsfw)


Pyloli Hair for Kururu
Swirl Hair for Hiro4



Alternatives to Daz/Poser Hair[edit]

MMD Hair[edit]

A lot of people use and create Hair models for MMD (MikuMiku Dance), and these can be exported to OBJ for use in DazStudio as static hair props. More info here: MMD PMD Freebie models to OBJ for Daz/Poser

Anime-style Resources[edit]

You may find other hairs by looking through the Theme Page for Anime-style Resources here:Anime-style Resources

The Big Lists[edit]

If you can't find what you want then go to Hair for the big lists.