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Anime Flip
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Anime Flip is an high-poly-count brush back with hair band hairdo, created by MayaX for MayaDoll and Victoria 1-2.

Free resources for Anime Flip include:


A3AD Madoka Hair Fits Vol 1
Fits Studio Maya's 60'sFlipStyle, Anime Flip, Bandanna & Hair, Bob Hair, CecileCut, HoneyHair, MaleShortCut, MD1Casquette, Rasta Style, [Robin Hair, RollHair1, RollHair2, SpiralTwinTail, StraightHair, S_allback, TwinChignon Vic, TwinChignon, TwinTail, Western hat and Hair, WildTail, and YunaHair to Ken1171's A3AD figure (Aiko 3's body and AnimeDoll's head - the figure is no longer available)
AnimeDoll Hair Fits
3Dream PTail, Aeris Hair, AliceHair, Alitia Hair, Alitia Hair, Anime Flip, Arizona Hair, Bandanna, Bob Hair, CatwalkHair, CecileCut, Curly Sue, FairyHair, FlipHair 2, 60's FlipStyle (Maya), FullFeathered, GS Hair, Grace Lion Hair, Grecian UpDo, GrecianHS, JunkoHair, Koz KHairMK3, Koz LongHair, Koz MessyHair, Koz MorphHair, Koz Ponytail, Koz ReiHair, Koz ShortHair, Koz Updo, KyokoHair, Legend Hair, Moko Hair, ProjectZ Hair, RWHair, RaceQueenHair, RastaStyle, Razored Moffitt, RazzleDazzle, RobinHair, RollHair, RollHair2, SassyHair, SilkyLongHair, Siren Hair, SlinkyHair, SoHotHair, SpiralTwin, StraightHair, TeresaHair, TwinChignon, Twintail, UpDo2, VC Ponytail, VeryFrench, Western Hat&Hair, WildTail, YunaHair under Free Stuff / Hair Fit Poses
Pneuma's Hair Fits Volume 3 PZ2
Fits Studio Maya's Anime Flip, Bob Hair, Flip Style Hair, Robin Hair, Roll Hair, ShortCut Hair, Simple Hair, TWINTAIL Hair, and Wild Tail Hair to Aiko 3 and Hiro 3