Anime Girl Kristin 2.0

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Anime Girl Kristin 2.0

Kristin 2.0, rendered in P11/Superfly
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Creator:Chris Schell
License:Commercial renders OK, contents not for redistribution

Anime Girl Kristin 2.0 is an anime-inspired toon-style figure created by Chris Schell. It is an updated version of Anime Girl Kristin.

From the creator: IMPORTANT NOTE The files in this new version of Kristin will overwrite the files from my original Anime Girl... please make sure you back-up the older version (if you have it) before installing this new one!

This set has been tested in various versions of Poser and DAZ Studio

The download has many items, including:

  • the base figure + additional morphs / erc controls
  • a non-morphing developers figure
  • 12 hair styles (with numerous mat poses to change hair colors), along with numerous hair accessories
  • Over 50 items of "every-day" wear clothing plus numerous mat poses to change colors and patterns
  • 6 pairs of Eye Glasses (including sun shades)
  • 11 items of Jewelry including a wrist watch
  • 10 body piercings including earrings
  • 3 school related props including a hand bag and Cheerleader Pom-Poms, and 5 exercise/gymnastics props
  • Alternate mat poses and textures: 5 default skin shades, various swimsuit tan-line versions of the base default skin shades (to match with the swimsuit styles included with the figure), numerous pubic hair alternate mats, multiple alternate eye and fingernail color mat poses
  • 6 Character Presets that will load both a character body shape and custom skin mats specific to each character, in 3 age variants: adult, teen and young. That gives 18 presets total.
  • Over 500 "every-day" pose presets including various Sports, Driving, Sitting, Standing, Laying/Sleeping, School related poses, and much more
  • templates for various items

Free resources for Anime Girl Kristin 2.0 include: