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Creator:odf , phantom3D , MikeJ , others
License:Creative Commons Attribution

Antonia is a free figure, created by odf with contributions from phantom3D, MikeJ and others. She comes in Standard and Weight-mapped formats.

The Antonia figure is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License ("CC-BY").

There is a Version 1.3 since October 2022 at Renderosity. According to odf: Version 1.3 has remodeled eyes, improved breast and hip geometry, a weight-mapped thigh joint, and updated expressions. It comes with new hybrid FireFly/SuperFly materials based on the Toni Polygon texture by SaintFox and Digital-Lion (available separately in Freestuff). Not all content for the previous version 1.2 will work without modifications (see the ReadMe for details).

Free resources for Antonia include:



Antonia Hide - Show
Antonia-MDP_FBM01 (bottom of page)
Antonia Templates (Direct link to the download)
Poser Place's Outfitter or

Textures, Materials and Shaders[edit]

Antonia-Base-Texture (top of page)
Audry for Antiona
Fiona for Antiona 1.2 and Standard
★mneAN_BODY_MAT for Antonia★ (Not Safe For Work - may contain full nudity or intercourse - if you are using a shared computer, do not follow this link!)
Transmap brows and lashes for Antonia (Direct link to the download)


2 ponytails for Antonia
Poser dynamic or
Antonia Hair1_09 or
Feathered Hair For Antonia
Poser dynamic


Hair Refits[edit]

Short Hair Evolution As these hairdos get their own pages on this wiki, they will be listed in the appropriate sections above. Eventually, this section will go away.

Antonia Hair Fits I
Aether Hair, Akaste Hair, Alexios Hair, Alkyone Hair, All Time Hair, Amaltheia Hair, Amphitrite Hair, Anemone Hair, Apollonia Hair, Athanasia Hair, Bandua Hair, Bolina Hair, Classic Cut II, Cleone Hair, Damaris Hair, Dodona Hair, Enzio Hair, Erato Hair, Ersa Hair, Eudora Hair, Eurydice Hair, Feliciana Hair, Frovida Hair, Galatea Hair, Glaukia Hair, Hermes Hair, Hesperia Hair, Iaso Hair, Kerkyra Hair, Kosmos Hair, Kybele Hair, Laneana Hair, Leandro Hair, Lethe Hair, Leto Hair, Melia Hair, Moira Hair, Music Diva Hair, Nabia Hair, Nefeli Hair, Nerissa Hair, Pallene Hair, Pasithea Hair, Petrina Hair, Pherenike Hair, Pure Velvet Hair, Rhene Hair, Sexy Spirit Hair, Stefania Hair and Vida Hair (Direct link to the download)


Antonia Business Suit
Conforming business suit for Antonia. Includes shoes, briefcase and pendant jewelry.


3 Sitting Poses for Antonia Polygon Weightmapped or Antonia Polygon Poses by Surochek or
10 Poses for Antonia
12 Poses for Antonia
Poses for Antonia 1.2 or 1.3.
Antonia 1.20 beach poses
Pose sets from original home base site for Antonia
15 different downloads, need to be indexed here*/* This link is the listing of zips on the site. The zips under the directory Poses are the ones of interest This page gives you the list of poses and what name was used. Use this page as a reference because the links on the page are not correct.