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Character morphs and faces, creature morphs, and utility morphs for Antonia.

See Famous People for morphs that look like celebrities, sorted by celebrity. If any of the morphs here turn Antonia into a recognizable famous person, the entries should be added to the Famous People list and marked as a Cosplay resource on this list.


98 Expressions for Antonia Standard
98 face expressions. Please use always body dial instead of head dial! Uses PMD format
258 Morphs for Antonia Standard
258 face and body morphs. Uses PMD format


Advanced Antonia Morphs
Anna for Antonia (Poser and DazStudio)
complete character
Antonia with Anna for Antonia (Poser and DazStudio)
AntiTonia - Requires Antonia Advanced Morphs
poser only character
Antoinette for Antonia
Antonia Ethnic Head Morphs 01 UD
north African ethnic head morphs or
Antonia Ethnic Head Morphs 02
Asian head morphs or
Antonia Ethnic Head Morphs 03
more Asiatic head morphs or
Antonia Ethnic Head Morphs 04
Egyptian ethnic head morphs or
Antonia Head Morph 01 or
Antonia - Original Head Morph
Audry for Antiona


Daisy Mae for Antonia


Fiona for Antiona 1.2 and Standard


Jorita has a custom face morph and several make-up options.


May for Antonia Polygon
Miko _APG S WM
special head morph, created with Antonia Advanced Morphs, with face and body textures created from high resolution photos of real people. Miko has an eyeliner option. She has two eye colors. Miko also has her own necklace and earring jewelry set.


NailsLong for Antonia
NailsPointy for Antonia
morph to make Antonia's nails pointy
Nobara for Antonia
Face Morph for Antonia 125 .



Smooth Lips for Antonia


Various Morphs and Character sets from the home base site


Zoe for Antonia