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One-Piece Outfits[edit]

Antonia´s Bodysuit


Antonia Haltertop Dress
conforming bolero and hybrid dress or
Eternal Flame:
Antonia MultiDress
dynamic dress
Christmas Special:
Antonia Sundress
dynamic dress
Hellena Dynamic Tunic for Antonia
Roman Holiday
Romana Dynamic Dress for Antonia
Roman Holiday
Strapless Dress for Antonia
Here is a strapless evening gown for Antonia. This dress is dynamic so while it is form fitting, she can still sit in it. It comes with 3 satin and 3 velvet texture files (using Bagginsbill's velvet and nylon shaders) or
Teacher dress for Antonia
conforming and weight mapped dress or
Toni La Fay
Dress and Wings for Antonia Standard

Shirts, Blouses, and Other Tops[edit]

Dynamic blouse for Antonia
Loose Shirt for Antonia
Poser dynamic or
Sleeveless Shirt for Antonia
Here is a dynamic sleeveless shirt for Antonia. This shirt comes with 6 textures. or
Toni-Sweater for Antonia
Poser dynamic
DA-Christmas for Toni Sweater

Pants and Skirts[edit]

Antonia Leather Panty
conforming hotpants
Hot Black:
Capris for Antonia
dynamic capris with 8 textures or
Dynamic pleated skirt for Antonia
Free Simulation preset for odf's SkirtPleated
Shorts for Antonia
A dynamic pair of shorts for Antonia. This file comes with 6 texture files. or


Antonia boots
conforming thigh-high stiletto boots
Antonia WalkerZZ
conforming thigh high boots
Pretty WalkerZZ:


Antonia Polygon - Standard Dynamic Cloak


Antonia Corset and Stockings

Complete Outfits[edit]

Antonia Business Suit
Conforming business suit for Antonia. Includes shoes, briefcase and pendant jewelry.
Dynamic pants and top for Antonia
Everyday Clothes for Antonia
weight mapped tank top and pants (search for "Everyday_Jeans_&_Tank_~WM")
Black & White Every Day:
Everyday Utopia:

Sleep wear[edit]

Dynamic babydoll set for Antonia (Not Safe For Work - may contain full nudity or intercourse - if you are using a shared computer, do not follow this link!)


Two-Piece Swimsuits[edit]

Antonia-MDP_Bikini01 (bottom of page)
Bikini Set for Antonia 1.2 or
Bikini Top for Antonia or

Other Beach Wear[edit]

Beach Volleyball Set for Antonia


Cheerleader for Antonia 1.3
Poser Dynamic


Antonia Business Suit
Conforming business suit for Antonia. Includes shoes, briefcase and pendant jewelry.
Antonia Ear Rings
Antonia Fairy Wings
Bob's Angels, erarrings for Antonia 1.2
Heart Pendant for Antonia
Miko _APG S WM
special head morph, created with Antonia Advanced Morphs, with face and body textures created from high resolution photos of real people. Miko has an eyeliner option. She has two eye colors. Miko also has her own necklace and earring jewelry set.
Toni La Fay
Dress and Wings for Antonia Standard

Textures for Paid Wardrobe[edit]

Textures for free wardrobe items are listed with those items. Free textures for items that aren't free are listed here.

Black & White Every Day
for Everyday Clothes For Antonia (Base clothing is no-longer available)
Hot Black
for Antonia Hot Leather Singles The Top which is Unavailable