AoA Rogue

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This is a Cosplay resource.
It is known to be patterned after a celebrity, a trademarked image, or something from a work of fiction.
Poser and Daz Free Resources recommends using Cosplay resources only in non-commercial works.
AoA Rogue
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Main Site:Wayback Machine Row 6, Column 2
Other Information
Needed:P4 Woman and Posette Base Clothing

AoA Rogue is a complete character using Posette Base Clothing, Poser Hair 115 included with Poser, a dynamic cape, and Posette body texture, created by RAI for P4 Woman. AoA Rogue is a super hero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, thus cosplay. The pz3 file contains the model for the cape, calls to the leotard, hair and textures for the hair and Posette body. The pz3 file also provides the pose as seen in the freebie image.

Note:DAZ Studio can recognize pz3 files. Add a directory called Scene under Runtime->Libraries, add the pz3 file to the directory and you will have access to the file.