BAT's One-Piece dress for V4

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BAT's One-Piece dress for V4
Age of Armour's Paola Character for Victoria 4, wearing Mylochka's Hi Pony hair for V4 and BAT's One-Piece dress for V4.
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Needed:Victoria 4

BAT's One-Piece dress for V4 is a short-sleeved minidress for Victoria 4. It includes morphs for V4 Elite and Aiko 4.

The dress was designed by BATLAB.

The download includes a MAT to hide the sleeves.


Free resources for BAT's One-Piece dress for V4 include:

Materials and Shaders[edit]

Textures for BatLab's One Piece Dress for A4-V4
Wayback Machine direct link (Direct link to the download)


BATLAB Limited OnePieceDress Fit to GND4