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Blank Boi

Blank Boi, with some of the materials coming with it (showing the different material zones) and one of the signs that are included in the download.
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Blank Boi is a toon-style figure, created by The3dZone. It is not free; one can buy a copy of the mesh from DAZ3D.

Free resources for Blank Boi include:


15 BlankBoi Poses


Here are some props for Blank Boi by The3dZone... The props don't have any morphs, but they should be easy to scale and fit. Figure : Security Vest Props : Royale Crown, Top Hat, Chef Hat, Chef Roller, CowBoi Hat, Hard Hat, Police Batong, Police Helmet, Sheriff Star
Ski outfits for Blank Boi
Ski jacket, boots, skis, ski poles, scarf and bobble hat. Six sets of mat poses for these and the pants from "Stylish Clothes".
Space outfit
Space helmet and tank for Blank Boi. You will need "Stylish Clothes" for the bodysuit, belt, boots and collar. 4 sets of mat poses.
Stylish Clothes for Blank Boi
Pants, long shorts, shorts, skirt, blouse, sleeveless top, tshirt, long-sleeved top, boots, shoes, sandals, bodysuit, hair, hair bow, glasses, hat, flowers for hair, hat and sandals.
Toon Glasses
Glasses for Blank Boi or other toon characters. Black and blue rims, clear lens and sunglasses, and also glasses separate from ear pieces for sizing for other characters. Scale according to need. Glass lens settings in Poser Material Room 75% transparency for clear and 50% for sunglasses.


Baseball for Blank Boi
Baseball and Baseball Bat to be used with the Stylish Clothes.
Blank Boi Features
Eyes and nose for Blank Boi.
Blank Iyz
A set of eyes with morphs to move the pupils about and make minor positional adjustments. These eyes are intended to be used with the commercial model Blank Boi, available from Daz. They're sized for him, and they load at the right height for his face, but if you want to use them for something else, I won't tell.
Tennis raquet and ball for Blank Boi
Toon Eyes
Simple toon eyes for Blank Boi or other characters, both assembled and separate for scaling or animation purposes.


Sweetie for Blank Boi Day 14