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Books - both props and figures.


A - E[edit]

Annotated Advanced Potions Book
This is a Harry Potter Cosplay item.
Basic Books OR
THE BOOK (fifth row, second from right)
BOOK (Internetmoi)
book (amit)

max format
Book for Daz 4
Book of Darkness
book turn pages
How to use it
Books LP
DazStudio or
Cheap Diary-Temporary Version
A static prop of a locked diary in cheap pleather and a flowery 70s style.
Clever Book OR

F - J[edit]

A Few Books By The Cheapskate...
A first test of a simple prop for populating all those empty virtual bookshelves. It's in Poser 6 Poser Prop format.There's a PMD version, plus a normal version so DAZ Studio users can use it too. There's a single 2048x2048 JPG texture containing 41 classic titles in paperback - you really should read them ! The prop loads with the bottom left corner of the leftmost book at the origin. All 41 books are standardish-sized thin paperbacks (17.5cm x 10cm x 1cm) There's a morph to separate the books, and another to make them A4 magazine-ish size (29.7cm x 21cm x 1cm). And because having all books the same size is so boring there are two morphs for making them more random-ish. All morphs play happily together, and negative values work to some extent although some books turn inside out, and that's not a pretty sight! or
A Few Books (Hardbacks) For DAZ Studio 4

L - O[edit]

Livre Magique
Monster Book
More Of The Cheapskate's Books
This effectively replaces(but doesn't overwrite) the original 41-book bookrow Poser prop. It's basically that prop but without any of the stack morphs - it's just row of books. It was created in Poser 6. Instead of the arbitrary (and badly chosen) 41 books, there are now separate props for 64-book, 32-book, 16-book, 8-book, 4-book, 2-book, and single book rows. That's7 PP2 files. All the props have a single material zone. But since you may want different material settings to get shiny covers and spines but matte page edges I've also done versions of every prop above with two material zones. That's another 7PP2 files. And I've done a complete set of the 14 PP2 files mentioned above for each of five different base book meshes: - MPB: Minimalist PaperBack - MHB: Minimalist HardBack - MHBC: Minimalist Hardback, Curved spine - HB+J: HardBack with Joint - HBC+J: Hardback, Curved spine,with Joint. So that's 70 PP2 files in total.
MysticArt - OldMagicBook
Old Book (C4D format)
Old Book
Old Book
old books
Old Scroll Feather & Candle
OBJ format, includes a book
Olde Book (fourth row, third item)
Open Book

P - T[edit]

Paperback Blockbuster Novel
Photo Album
Proof Of Principle - Poser ERC Opening Book
This is a Poser figure of a very simplistic opening hardback book. It is simply a proof of principle that doing simple maths and trigonometry with 'valueParm' dials is possible, and to some extent, practical. Who's it intended for ? Anybody who's been following the "Freebie: A Few Books By The Cheapskate..." thread on the Smith Micro Poser forum,specifically the idea of having a hardback book whose spine and joints bend in a slightly more realistic manner.
Real Book
Row of low-poly books
Rows of books
Scroll closed :
YAD - Torah Scroll Pointer :
Secret Tale Book
DazStudio. The secrets of magic Includes a book, a wand, a candle in a candle holder and a sprig of holly or
Six-Bookrows Prop

U - Z[edit]

No Pages Identified

The Witchhat
DazStudio. A room with a lot of props and poses. A painting, a bust, a closed book, a stool, a lamp, a magic staff, an open book, a raven statue, a table. And a Witchhat, obviously. Each with a lot of materials. or
Wizard Table
OBJ. Magic book stack table for witches and wizards