Butterfly Dresses

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Butterfly Dress
Butterfly Dresses.jpg
Download Links
Main Site:http://www.morphography.uk.vu/dlbutterfly.html
Other Information
Creator:English Bob
License:"Downloads are offered for free use in your work, either commercial or hobby. Non-commercial redistribution is usually allowed, unless somebody else's work is included. If in doubt, see the readme file which is included in every Zip"
Needed:Victoria 3

Butterfly Dress is a pair of long-sleeved dresses for Victoria 3 - one floor-length and one mini-skirted. The dresses are available in both conforming and Poser dynamic versions.

The set includes a butterfly brooch and a choker; both are smart props.

The dresses were made by English Bob, based on his QuickDress.

In addition to what is available on the outfit's homepage, free resources for Butterfly Dresses include:


Butterfly Dress
http://chohole.ovbi.org/page_9.htm (eighth from top)
Butterfly Faeries
Gothic Butterfly
V3 Butterfly Dress textures
Vibrant Butterflies


Mess 'O' Magnets
refits the dresses to FemaSu 2011