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This is the big list for free cameras for establishing rendering settings. If we ever get enough for a themed page, we'll create one... but for now, please list the links here.

Cameras designed for Poser occasionally have minor compatibility issues with Daz Studio. Please check these before using them with large renders.

Note: Camera props should go on the appropriate Props page (and the Personal Electronics page if they're digital cameras). This page is for software "cameras."


35 cameras 14 lights for Daz Studio


A3 Cheek, Chin, & Neck Beta Testing Cameras for Poser [dead link]


camera with ringlight
A set of Daz Studio IRAY camera presets that put fanciful "ringlight" reflections in a figure's eyes
Non-commercial Use Only (file name: camera with
Camera Sets for Buildings, Interiors, and Scenes [dead link]


Dawns Portrait Studio - Sampler Pack


Easy DoF
Script for Poser


Focus For Poser
Replacement for Poser’s camera focus. This was made to make it easier to focus on exactly what you wanted to in Poser as the original Focus could be quite limited. Use the "focus_Distance" in the camera controls to set your focus point. Includes: 1 new camera focus obj Note: Has to be installed in the runtime of the current Poser you are using.



Little One - Face Cameras Direct link to the download



Seam Checking Cameras (second from bottom)


V4 - Euphoric
V4 Seam Checking Cameras