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Dynamic clothing (as opposed to prop, conforming, or superconforming clothing), designed to be used in Daz Studio.

There are two types of native dynamic clothing for Daz Studio: Optitex dynamics (which requires a plug-in), and dForce dynamics (which requires Daz Studio 4.10 or higher).

Dynamic clothing for Poser as designed cannot be used in Daz Studio 4.9 or lower unless you have the paid DynCreator for DazStudio. Poser can not use either of the as designed Studio versions of dynamic clothing.

DAZ Studio 4.10 introduced dforce dynamics and will work with Poser dynamic clothing but the settings used in Poser are not accessible to Studio. There are a few tricks to make the clothing work in Studio. Refer to the tutorial section of the wiki for guidance.

DAZ Studio 4.11 introduced dynamics for strand and dforce hair.

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