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This is Category:Page Needing Image turned Up To Eleven. Some freebies are so complex, or have so many free resources available for them, that a single image wouldn't do them justice.

A Sample Gallery[edit]

It's easier to show a gallery than it is to explain one. Here is a sample gallery: all hairdos by Kozaburo.

And here is the code to make that gallery.

Image:AliceHair.png|[[Alice Hair]]
Image:AllbackStyle.png|[[All Back Style]]
Image:ChgnonHair.png|[[Chgnon Hair]]
Image:LongHairV3.png|[[Koz's Long Hair]]
Image:KozPonyTail.png|[[Koz's Pony Tail Hair]]
Image:ShortBob.png|[[Koz's Short bob]]
Image:KozsUpdoHair.png|[[Koz's UpDo Hair]]
Image:KyokoHairMK2.png|[[Kyoko Hair MK-II]]
Image:Kyokohair.png|[[Kyoko Hair MK-3]]
Image:Longhairevo.png|[[Long Hair Evolution]]
Image:MessyHair.png|[[Messy Hair]]
Image:MorphHair.png|[[Morph Hair]]
Image:PonytallHairforP4Female.png|[[Ponytail Hair for Poser 4 Female]]
Image:ReiHair.png|[[Rei Hair]]
Image:ShortHair.png|[[Short Hair]]
Image:ShortHairEvolution.png|[[Short Hair Evolution]]
Image:WaveHair.png|[[Wave Hair]]

Each image has its own line, and the description of the image comes after the file name. The description can have almost any wiki markup in it.

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