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These pages do not have images, and thus are excellent candidates for contributions by people who like making renders. If you add an image to one of the pages listed here, please remove the "Page Needing Image" category from the end of the page if it was added manually.

This is not to say that you can't make an image for any other page on the wiki - some pages (such as the Galadriel Outfit, MFD, RoadGypsy MKII, and Texture Challenge pages) benefit from multiple images. This is just a list of pages that don't have any images at all.

Please remember the guidelines we have in place so we don't end up in court:

  • Make a new image; don't steal the official one or anyone else's work. (There's no problem with you re-using your own work, of course, but remember this wiki offers its content with a CC-BY-SA license by default. Also, if the resource creator gives permission to re-use an image, it's okay to re-use it as long as you link back to that permission on the image file page; see File:Lehair.jpg for an example of how to do this.)
  • No nudity.
  • No sexualization of minors.

Images included in a "Freebiebox" will be re-sized to 250 pixels wide if they aren't that size already. Images on other parts of a page can be of any size.

How to Add Images to the Wiki[edit]

The first step is to make the image. Consult your copy of Poser or Daz Studio or Blender or whatever you're using to render images.

The second step is to upload the image to the wiki. If your wiki rights are "confirmed" or better, you should be able to upload images without too much fuss.

  1. There's a link in the left-side menu, under "Tools", that reads "Upload file" - that takes you to the image-upload page.
  2. There are three large boxes on the Upload file page.
    • The first is called "Source file" and has a Browse button; you'd select the Browse button and then choose the render that you want to upload the way you'd usually choose a file.
    • The second box is called "File description" and has four things to complete.
      • After you select a file to upload, "Destination filename:" should be filled in with the name of the file that you're uploading - you can change it or leave it alone.
      • "Summary:" is where you describe the image.
      • "Licensing:" is where you set the re-use rights - if you don't choose one, the wiki's license of Attribution-ShareAlike will be used.
      • "Categories" are optional, and if you don't add any, somebody else will add them for you.
    • The third box is "Upload options" - you can leave those checkboxes as they are.

Once you have everything filled in, click on the "Upload file" box at the bottom of the page.

The third step is to add the image to a page.

  • When you edit the page, you might see the code for a "Freebiebox" at the very start of the page, and that will have a line that reads "| image =" If there's nothing after the equals sign, type the name of the uploaded file in after the equals sign, and save the page. The image should show up on the page.
  • If you want to make a gallery of many images, learn how at Category:Page Needing Gallery.
  • There are other ways to make an image appear on a page, and describes most of them.


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